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Mesh Discs

Mesh discs (sometimes referred to as pack screens or filter discs) are made from woven or sintered metal wire sheets. The quality wire mesh discs from TWP Inc. come in a variety of metal materials and are available in several sizes, styles, and thicknesses for virtually any application. Our products are sturdy, long-lasting, functional, and versatile.

The long list of residential, recreational, agricultural, medical, commercial, and industrial uses for wire mesh include filtration, sorting, separation, and sieving of powders, chemicals, abrasives, wood, paper, fertilizer, animal feed, and other materials and particles.

When you browse our selection, you’ll find standard wire mesh discs as well as mesh filters consisting of rare alloys and weaves. With TWP Inc., you can easily find, price, and purchase mesh discs and receive a quick turnaround for a custom quote.

Features & Uses

The wire mesh from TWP Inc. is available in a diverse range of disc options, including single-layer, multi-layer, covered edges, welded, and sintered. Our products can be used with endless devices, gadgets, tools, appliances, and machines. You can place wire mesh discs in:

  • Pipes

  • Tubes

  • Ducts as inline filters

  • Filtration systems

  • And more

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

At TWP Inc, we have myriad metal options with varying weaves and finishes. Available wire mesh materials include:

  • Aluminum Discs

  • Brass Discs

  • Bronze Discs

  • Copper Discs

  • Galvanized Discs

  • Micronic Discs

  • Plain Steel Discs

  • Sintered Discs

  • Stainless Steel Discs

  • Welded Stainless Discs

Surface & Finish Coatings

Some wire mesh discs come with finish coatings which provide an additional level of resistance to corrosion. The different finishes on TWP Inc. mesh products include PTFE, mill finish, clear lacquered, and polyester. When mesh is mill finished, it will usually be somewhat rough to the touch, but some coatings are smoother. With clear lacquer, the metal material will shine through. Polyester coatings are available in dark green or black and are used to coat galvanized mesh filter discs.

Types of Wire Mesh Weaves

Mesh discs also come in a variety of weaves including intercrimp (Int.), plain Dutch weave (PDW), and twilled Dutch weave (TDW). Intercrimp implies the warp wires (wires that run the length of the roll) and the shute wires (wires that run the width) are crimped to enhance the stability of the product. Plain Dutch weave consists of a thin, flexible micronic mesh for efficient separation and sorting of solid particles. With twilled Dutch weave, there will be a double layer of shute wires and no visible openings. As a result, the discs can support heavier loads, more pressure, and very fine filtration compared to plain Dutch. Both PDW and TDW are typically used to filter fluids and vacuums as well as pressure filtration of gases and liquids. You can also find sintered filter discs, which come in non-fraying single or multilayered mesh.

What to Expect from Our Mesh Discs

Whether you work in the plumbing, farming, restaurant, HVAC, or manufacturing industry or any other commercial sector, wire mesh discs can help you with your sorting and filtration needs. With our wide selection of materials, weaves, coatings, and sizing options, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at TWP Inc. In addition to discs, our wire mesh products are available in squares, rectangles, and larger panels.

As a wire mesh supplier and industry leader since 1969, we provide mesh discs and laser cutting services to consumers and commercial clients all around the world. Contact us to learn more about the products and services offered by TWP Inc.

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