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Customized Wire Mesh Services

The services our skilled and experienced team provides ensure your product needs are met for any project or application.

We provide our customers with an incredible inventory of wire mesh materials to choose from as well as a variety of services. From mesh cleaning and discs, to laser cutting, slitting services, and more, you’ll receive the highest-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.


Wire mesh cleaning services will ensure your product is free of grease, oil, dust, and dirt and in optimal shape for your application.


Wire mesh filter discs are available in various metals, weave types, disc sizes, and surface finish coatings.There’s a perfect option for any industry application.

Laser Cutting

We offer in-house laser cutting services that make it efficient and economical to produce wire mesh parts. Our accuracy and precision means we can help you with any unique or complex project.


Our precise measuring services such as smart scope video inspection and XRF alloy verification ensure your wire mesh material exactly fits your needs. Rely on our expertise to save both time and money on your project or application.


In need of wire mesh that’s ready for production in stamping operations or filtering? Our expert slitting services will ensure your material is in optimal shape and ready for use.

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What Folks Are Saying About TWP

  • I think your website is great! I found the green hardware cloth I was looking for.
  • TWPs pictures helped me select the right product for my application. The hand holding the mesh was very informative.
  • In my business, material certifications are important. TWP came through with a nice set of certs and quick shipment.
  • Samples I had ordered previously arrived very promptly and made my selection easy. Christiane
  • Love your product, have been purchasing for MANY YEARS! Ben
  • Excellent service! Gabriel
  • I called in and had a very informative discussion with your representative. A delight to reach someone on the phone! Guest
  • Website is very informative and makes it easy to choose a product that fits my needs. Arden
  • This is the place to find top-quality screening material. Dennis
  • Your website made it possible to figure out what I needed and what it would cost. Others have similar products, but your website was more comprehensive. Tom
  • Being able to buy samples at a very reasonable prices made it very easy to compare options and helped me make my final decision very quickly. Mario
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