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Wire Mesh Measuring

Does your wire mesh material require expert measuring to precise specifications? We offer measuring services for all of our products, including mesh for DIY and home, decorative mesh, and industrial hardware cloth.

Whether you're looking to create custom window screens, sturdy garden fencing, or intricate metalwork art, accurate measurements are crucial. Our wire mesh measuring services save you time and effort, as well as reduce material waste, by providing the right dimensions from the start. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your project but also guarantees its functionality and longevity. Trust in our measuring services to make your wire mesh projects a breeze, indoors or out, and achieve professional results with ease.

We are dedicated to ensuring our products meet the needs of every application and project. Accurate measuring is one of the ways we guarantee customer satisfaction. 

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How Is Wire Mesh Measured?

Accurate measurement of wire mesh entails careful consideration of its gauge, often interchangeably referred to as thickness or diameter, as a fundamental parameter. 

Gauge plays a pivotal role in determining the mesh's strength and functionality. Our gauge table translates what each gauge number means in terms of diameter measurement, empowering our customers to choose the mesh that best aligns with their requirements. 

Whether your project demands a finer mesh for delicate tasks or a sturdier gauge for robust applications, a firm grasp of the gauge ensures the selection of the appropriate material tailored to your specific needs. With our proficiency in wire mesh measurement, you can confidently identify the optimal gauge and mesh size, thus guaranteeing both durability and performance for your project.

Important specifications of metal mesh include:

  • Metal alloy verification
  • Mesh calculations
  • Opening measurements
  • Width and length
  • Gauge
  • Wire diameter

Our materials can be precisely measured using a multitude of methods, including SmartScope video inspection and XRF alloy verification. is a state-of-the-art multi-sensor tool that measures mesh with laser, optical, and tactile detectors. XRF alloy verification is achieved with a high-tech analyzer tool designed to accurately and efficiently identify pure metals and alloy grades. These processes ensure the mesh fits our customers’ exact needs every time they place an order.


Wire Mesh Measuring Services & More from TWP Inc.

Our wire mesh measuring services allow us to verify accuracy and quality. 

At TWP Inc., we maintain an impressive inventory of wire mesh panels and rolls. In addition to offering a substantial selection of materials, our metal meshes are available in a wide range of sizes and weaves. We also offer in-house laser cutting, slitting, and cleaning services.

TWP Inc. has been an industry-leading supplier of superior metal mesh since 1969. Our woman-owned and operated company is ISO certified and has an with the Better Business Bureau. 

Browse our mesh materials today, or get in touch with us to find out more about our measuring capabilities.

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