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Construction & Building

After World War II, was instrumental for rebuilding Europe's infrastructure. The material remains relevant today, and according to Purdue University, now more than half of reinforced concrete projects on the continent use wire mesh. Thanks to its many benefits, wire mesh has earned a solid reputation for its use in construction stateside, as well.

From custom homes to commercial buildings, wire mesh has far-ranging applications. For example, its durability has helped structures survive earthquakes. Advancing technology allows wire mesh even more versatility, improving aspects such as the type of material and wire diameter. Wires can be coated in zinc and epoxy to prevent corrosion, or even be available in stainless steel varieties.

Features & Uses

Construction and building mesh can transform a number of projects. They include:

Building and construction mesh materials are also used for security purposes. Buildings have been equipped with wire mesh to stop damage from rocks, bottles, pets, and even golf balls. Thanks to its adaptability, wire mesh offers a variety of solutions for building—from reinforcing concrete in slab on grade foundations to ventilating attics with soffit screens.

Architects have incorporated wire mesh into residential features such as staircases, sliding doors, and cabinets to give spaces a modern touch. Wire mesh screens used in flooring can let sunlight from a skylight brighten multiple levels of a building.

The specific type of material, finish, opening size, and weave depends on the demands of the project at hand. Welded stainless mesh on a tractor grill is strong enough to withstand the heavy stresses of farming. Also famous for its strength, bronze mesh works wonders in decorative applications and forms a pleasing greenish brown patina color over time.

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

No matter what material is used, the construction and building industry benefits from metal mesh in many ways:

  • On average, according to , construction projects that use wire mesh cost 20% less than projects that don’t.

  • Slab reinforcement is 4 to 11 times faster than with traditional rebar and substantially stronger.

  • Welded wire mesh comes pre assembled, staying consistent in size and spacing as concrete is placed or the project is completed.

In short, wire mesh is perfect for building, and the benefits it offers are endless. The proper tools can fabricate metal mesh into any desired size. For example, you can generally use scissors to cut stainless steel mesh between .001 inch to .010 inches, tin snips for wire diameters that are .011 up to about .047, and a compound aircraft-style hand shears for heavy diameters over .047 inches.


  • Vast array of metals and weaves

  • Used for both internal and external applications

  • Strong and durable

  • Cost-effective solution

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