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Copper Wire Mesh

Our copper mesh is 99+% commercially pure and is available in rolls and cut pieces. We offer a variety of weaves, wire diameters, opening sizes, mesh counts, and widths to choose from.

Copper wire mesh is pliable, malleable, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. The material is able to easily bend, but still maintain its strength. Copper is a yellowish red color when first woven and will gradually patina (discolor) to a greenish/bluish color called verdigris.

In an outdoor environment, the discoloration will become pronounced in less than six months in wet climates, or it may remain untarnished for years in desert conditions. This discoloration may be stopped by lacquering, waxing, or periodically oiling the mesh to protect it from atmospheric conditions.

Features & Uses

Uses for DIY & Home Projects

The unique green color of the patina that develops over time makes copper mesh a very popular option for designers, artists, architects, and homeowners. It’s also easy to cut with scissors, which makes it a go-to choice for home improvement and remodeling enthusiasts.

Artists, including sculptors, wood workers, metal artisans, and architects, prefer copper mesh due to its ability to form complex shapes.

Homeowners and designers choose copper wire mesh for residential projects, such as:

Looking for decorative mesh ideas for a home decor project? Visit our decorative wire mesh page. Here you’ll find a wide variety of weaves and metals to choose from, including brass, bronze, nickel, stainless steel, and more.

Commercial & Industrial Uses for Copper Mesh

The versatility of copper wire mesh means there are many industries that rely on it. It is often at the center of technological advancements in a broad range of fields. Considering its malleability, it’s also impressively strong.

Copper wire mesh is used in a variety of applications, including:

Additionally, copper is receiving attention in the healthcare industry. Many pure metals, including copper, are naturally antimicrobial, meaning bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms can’t survive on them.

Mesh Discs for Industrial Use

Looking for more products? We provide copper mesh discs to a wide variety of industries.

Copper Wire Mesh Rolls, Screens & More From TWP Inc.

As one of the top wire mesh suppliers worldwide, TWP Inc. is a trusted resource for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We carry a wide range of prefabricated metal mesh materials in various sizes and weaves. You can choose from sheets, panels, rolls, or have your mesh custom cut.

Our in-house laser cutting services allow us to accommodate custom orders for any application. TWP Inc. also offers other expert services, including slitting, measuring, and cleaning.

Order your copper mesh today or get a free quote on a custom size or quantity.


  • Soft, easily soldered

  • Ductile and malleable

  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity

  • 99%+ pure copper

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