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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Known for its corrosion resistance and strength, stainless steel wire mesh is essential to a wide range of industries. The material appears in items including air vents, custom car grills, and filtration systems.

Versatility is one of the most common reasons people choose stainless steel mesh. TWP Inc. offers more than 135 different variations for industrial, agricultural, residential, and horticultural use—all compliant with the (RoHS).

Those varieties include:

Features & Uses

With so many benefits, stainless mesh has a lot to offer to many industries as well as home improvement or design projects. Stainless decorative wire mesh is increasingly used by DIYers for garden projects, such as fencing and privacy screens. It’s also a top choice for interior design for cabinetry accents, lighting features, and more. A stainless steel cloth screen can be used in windows and doors, allowing for air to flow through while keeping insects out. Stainless welded mesh is also a top choice for jobs demanding more durability, like security reinforcement, because stainless mesh wires are resistance-welded for sturdiness.

Here are a few other fields that stainless steel mesh benefits:

  • Architecture: Wire mesh is used in ceilings, walls, and home foundations.

  • Horticulture/agriculture: Stainless steel mesh can create barriers on farms in order to shelter animals at night from potential threats.
  • Oil and Gas: Welded stainless steel wire mesh is often key to the refining process, helping filter impurities from crude oils.

  • Solar: Wire mesh protects solar panels from birds and pests.

TWP Inc. also offers laser-cutting services to accurately, efficiently, and economically create custom sizes.

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

Unlike other metals, stainless steel wire mesh is uniquely equipped to resist rust and abrasion. Stainless steel wire mesh contains chromium and nickel in addition to steel, increasing corrosion resistance. It's also extremely durable, as well as heat and cold resistant. Keep in mind stainless steel is non-magnetic in the annealed condition. After stainless steel wire mesh has been woven, it may become slightly magnetic due to cold working.

Stainless steel wire mesh is available in two basic types of metal alloys:


T-304 is the basic stainless alloy, containing 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. It's not as corrosion resistant as T-316, but it's acceptable (and more affordable) for most uses, unless otherwise specified.

Although it melts at 2,600 degrees F (1430 degrees C), it’s best for use at 1450 degrees F (790 degrees C) for continuous service and 1650 degrees F (900 C) for intermediate service. Its uses include sorting and screening of abrasives, liquids, powders and other solids.


T-316 is a special stainless alloy, which contains 18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel, as well as 2 percent molybdenum. This combination enables the mesh to resist corrosion from salts, acids, and seawater.

T-316 melts at 2500 degrees F (1375 C), but its maximum recommended temperature for continuous service is 1500 degrees F. (815 C) and is useful for intermediate service up to 1650 degrees F (900 C). Its uses include processing oils and foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

The proper tools can fabricate stainless steel mesh into any desired size. Stainless steel mesh can be cut with scissors to diameters from .001 inch to .010. Tin snips are needed for heavier wire diameters from .011 up to about .047. Wire diameters over .047 inches are difficult to cut with hand tools, but a compound aircraft-style hand shear can usually handle the task.

Stainless Steel Mesh Discs

Looking for more products? We also offer stainless steel mesh discs.


  • Versatile
  • Strong and corrosion resistant
  • Contains chromium and nickel in addition to steel
  • T-304 basic stainless alloy
  • T-316 special stainless alloy
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